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Title: A Sky Pirate and an Al Bhed: Round One
Author: Amanda
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2 & XII
Characters: Balthier, Rikku
Rating: K
Wordcount: 702
Summary: Balthier meets Rikku on the Mi'ihen Highroad
Warnings: None
A/N: I've always been a fan of crossovers. Especially with Final Fantasy characters and Spira, since I know Spira backwards and forwards, up and down, all with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. A Sky Pirate and an Al Bhed will be an ongoing series of Balthier and Rikku one-shots. However, there will be the odd ones that contain parts, such as this one right here, which is part one of two. Enjoy!

    Countless pyreflies become the Iron Giant after being penetrated by Altair's Onion shot. A sigh escapes the sky pirate's lips as he rests his gun on his shoulder.

"Hardly a victory," he mumbles to himself. He has found that the beasts here in this world require very little effort to defeat. It's almost no fun at all. Even the oddly familiar ones, such as the recent Malboro, are no match for this pirate.

"Nice shot!" A high-pitched voice belonging to a girl sounds from behind him. Balthier turns to see a blonde not seeming to be able to stand still, barely covered by her bikini top and mini skirt. The fashion here is not like anything he's ever encountered before, but this girl sports an especially memorable garment.

"Buuut the fiend's here on the highroad are nothin'." She places a hand on her hip and leans in a way that forces the memory of an old friend on Balthier - one he hopes to see again soon. A smirk forms itself across his face as he drops his gun down to his side. "It seems that way."

Her boots drag across the dirt as she starts toward him with a smug smile. The cuteness in her shuffle almost makes up for the cocky attitude her grin wears. "They're all pretty much easy as pie by now. For The Gullwings anyway." Balthier looks into the mysterious girl's eyes once she stops in front of him. The Humes here are strange, should they even be Humes at all, he thinks to himself when he notices the swirly pupils of her green eyes.

"The Gullwings?" He repeats with an eyebrow raise. "Can't say I'm familiar. Not that I am with anything around these parts. Or anyone, for that matter."

The girl tilts her head. A beat passes by before she catches his hint. "Uh, Rikku!" Her hips sway at her name. "Pleased to meet'cha! Er-- mister?"

"--Balthier," he slips his name in quickly. "Please."

"Balthier?" There's that tilt again - this time paired with a lip purse. "So you're not from here?" She straightens herself to prop her chin on the material of her fingerless gloves covering her knuckles.

The sky pirate shakes his head in response, "not from here." He gestures behind him where the path leads back, "nor there," then stares out ahead of him. "Figure I'd keep true. But, this road does take its time ending."

Rikku scratches her head. "I wonder if Sin's toxin can last this long on someone..."


"Yeah," a quick nod. "He's a big baddie who kept coming back, it was a neverending cycle. That is, until my cousin Yunie kicked his butt for good two years ago."

"Hm. Two years, eh? That's quite the tale." It seems anywhere has their 'big baddies'. Balthier strokes his chin. "Though I've barely been here a full two days."

The blonde furrows her brows in thought, the movement of her eyes showing that she's searching her mind. "Um?"

There's a pause for as long as Balthier is amused by the girl's puzzled expression, but it doesn't quite last, for he feels he's got no time to waste. "No sense in hurting yourself." He wears a small, amused smile as he sticks his weapon in its sheath behind him, and begins to head forward. He manages to make it several steps ahead before Rikku curiously attempts to stall him. "H-hey!" There's stomping, but she doesn't move from her spot. "Where are you going?!"

"Me?" He continues walking. "Why, I'm headed toward a destination located at... well, we'll just have to see, I suppose."

The young adult girl chases after him in a quick walk. Balthier stops shortly after hearing the sound of her boots scraping the dirt, then so does she. He can't guess at her intentions, as he doesn't know the girl, but what's an adventure without a partner? Especially one that's sure to deal a hand of a surprise or two.

A moment passes as they both wait. The pause welcomes the sounds of wind passing the grass and a distant roar of a fiend.

"So." The sky pirate slowly turns to face her. "You can fight, can you?"

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Oh! This sounds very interesting! I can't wait to read more!

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if this is "rusty" writing, my goodness! the dusted off and shined stuff is going to be even better! *goes "eeeee" with you*

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*giggles* you are excused! ^______^

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Thank you!
I do. I have stuff on [personal profile] arghmuses and then stuff on Hecate's Muse on insanejournal. I was trying to get everything brought over from there to here.

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*blushes and hides* enjoy?
there is original stuffs in there too.

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Yuri is a rare flower! I can say that much for certain!