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Title: A Slayer's Heart
Author: Amanda
Fandom: Final Fantasy X, InuYasha
Characters: Auron, Sango, Lulu is mentioned
Rating: T
Wordcount: 1032
Summary: Sango gets seriously injured on her way to Besaid's docks and Auron lends her an unwanted hand.
Warnings: A bit of blood, injury and emotional pain.
A/N: I don't know what I was thinking okay. I was sleep deprived, doing 24 hours of homework straight with the occasional 10 minute break. I just hope you enjoy this one.

The warm Besaid winds carry with them the sounds of pyreflies rising, Sango's gasping, and rapid waters falling from the cliff above. Auron's shoes crush the dry dirt's particles as he begins to walk ahead without a word.

"Auron... I--"

"Save your energy," the calming bass of his voice interrupts the demon slayer as he continues on. Sango expected as much, but she doesn't let him get away. "At least let me thank you? For... saving me."

Auron stops in his spot, his back still facing Sango for as long as a beat passes. The woman doesn't speak, for she's gotten to know this legendary guardian well enough to be able to tell when there are thoughts building up in his mind. Ones that beg for the possibility of an interruption to never come.

"Saving you?" He turns to finally face the injured Sango, and if a highly amused expression existed in his little variation, he'd be wearing it. "You were merely experiencing a moment of weakness." Then his tone hardens, "we both know what you would have done, had I not been there."

Sango remains in her spot, sitting on the land's orange dirt with her hand over her stomach. Drops of blood find their way through the space between her fingers as she holds tighter to apply pressure, when she struggles up onto her feet. Auron stays in place, watching as the young girl starts toward him with subtle grunts of pain escaping her throat. Sango's pride allows her the energy to keep her chin up, but she finds it difficult to make eye-contact with the man before her. Those brown eyes of hers could manage to find his just once, but it's brief.

"Don't... ugh!" She winces from the pain inside that stings her, but she keeps on. "Don't go easy on me, Auron."

The warrior shows no expression. He simply stands by, sword resting on his shoulder, and watches as she slowly gets closer, trying to prove to him a point. Though the proof of it barely spreads itself in his eyes, he understands. He was well aware of her plan to leave Besaid and travel Spira in hopes of finding a way back to Japan. She's been here for a near 2 months between Besaid's sadder season, with weeks of dangerous weather keeping her from traveling the seas. There was, of course, the odd sunny day, but she would always stay behind anyway. Auron, not expecting for it to be something of a mistake, asked her why that was, just last night.

"Sango," he finally speaks. She stops, but tilts her head down so her bangs would hide her eyes.

"Look at me."

She does so. Reluctantly, hesitantly.

"Do not take me for a fool." Auron turns his back to her and walks away, not stopping once for anything. Sango stands, watching his person grow smaller and smaller as he felt further away from her. She feels a sudden ache splash through her heart, and her eyes wear a look of pain as they begin to gloss up. She can't stop thinking, wishing, he would just turn back, even though she knows he won't. Then she remembers the uneasiness she felt when she first stood up to head towards him. Remembering how she wished, in that moment, that he wasn't there. To feel the need to help her with the countless fiends that attacked her when she was at her most vulnerable, without her Hiraikotsu within arm's reach. For him to see her like this--

"Huh?" Sango's eyes widen. A sudden realization hits her, and the feeling of relief takes over.

He was here, and I left... He came back.

She drops herself to her knees, the emotion stabbing her heart again. The palm of her hand that was covering her wound found its way to the gravel, along with the other. He came back. Blood spills out in small streams over her demon slaying attire from her gash. It hurts, and it's nice for a while, but her mind won't quit. The memory of the moment of her confession last night, how well it didn't go, and her announcement to leave in the morning out of humiliation replays itself in her head.

He came back.

Her face freezes in a shocked expression, and she watches the dirt drink her tears. She's never experienced such pain in her heart. Surely it will scar, but she hopes for only a bruise.

"Auron... You came back."

Scratch that — she counts on it only being a bruise.

Her frowny eyes slowly fade into smiling ones, though the pain doesn't leave. The remainder of her tears run down her cheeks when she finally sits up to prepare herself to stand once again. Sango lets out a yell in pain, but manages to return to her feet. Only the music of the thin waterfalls surrounding her path can be heard, and she takes a moment to watch one dance. The time she spends enjoying the calming view allows for Lulu's words to come to mind. It was one of the first things she said to the demon slayer on the day of her arrival to Spira. She entered the village a complete mess of sobbing and hostility. One of the fiends poisoned her, then another caused her to go berserk. She wouldn't stop bringing up her world and how she needed to be there for it. The only way to calm her down enough to be able to feed her an antidote was for Lulu, dearest Lulu, to acknowledge Sango's personal worries.

Kohaku? Hm... Listen to me. If you love something, you should set it free. You'll know it was yours if it comes back. Stay calm and breathe. The way back to your world will find you if it was meant to be.

It hurts to breathe, but she lets one in regardless, only to release it in ease. She turns away from the direction Auron left off to, heads forward to the Hiraikotsu to reclaim her weapon, and her journey starts off with a small, bittersweet smile.

He came back, and the thought of that finally knows how to comfort her.
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