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Community description:FF fic - all taking place in the FFX world, Spira

Spiran is a community where my ([personal profile] sleepga) fanfiction lives.⌡
˛ ˛ ˛ ˛
Each piece of writing, no matter who the characters featured may be, will always
be set in Spira. The Final Fantasy X games were my first, so they hold a special
place in my heart. And not only did they pop my FF cherry, but I stuck with them
for years before I played Final Fantasy XII (my other favourite), so I had quite
a while to learn everything there possibly was about the game. I know the world
of Spira backwards, forwards, up, down, side to side — all with my eyes closed
and my hands tied behind my back. I'm a huge fan of the fictional world, and I'm
excited to have finally created a community where I can unleash my Spiran imagination.

Characters won't always be Final Fantasy ones, though.
So that means crossovers, crossovers and more crossovers.
I hope you like what you see! *waves and is excited :3*

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aeons, auron, balthier, besaid, bikanel, bivelle, braska, brother, calm lands, chocobo, cid, crossovers, demon slayer, djose, farplane, fayth, ffx, ffx-2, fic, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, guadosalam, inuyasha, jecht, kilika, kimahri ronso, luca, lulu, macalania, mi'ihen highroad, moonflow, mt. gagazet, mushroom rock, paine, rikku, sango, seymour guado, sin, sphere hunters, spira, summoners, the gullwings, thunder plains, tidus, wakka, yuna, yunalesca, zanarkand
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